Isn’t a Blog a Waste of the Time?!

How does having a blog fall into the category of making the best use of the time? It’s no mystery that blogs can be called the “black holes” of time on the internet.

If someone is so hooked on their blog that they sacrifice quality time both in the Word and with their family members then such activity is definitely not a blessing but a curse to them. However, when all the important activities of the day have been completed and enjoyed and someone is looking for a good activity that can stimulate their thinking or spiritual growth a blog could serve them in that way.

Since I love my God and family more than any activity, I’m not planning on spending hours each day blogging. However, if I have the time to share what God’s teaching me or to put in writing something that has been a blessing to me then hopefully this blog will be beneficial.


One thought on “Isn’t a Blog a Waste of the Time?!


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