What Do You Think About Abraham’s Story?

ImageWhat do you think about the story of Abraham? Is it just a historical section to show us how the nation of Israel’s patriarch sojourned in the land of the Bible? Or does it have greater significance to all of the corpus of Scripture?

I’m looking forward to getting to study through the Abrahamic narrative in one of our church’s adult Sunday School classes this fall quarter. I was able to work through this amazing section of Scripture with our teens earlier this spring. We truly serve a great God Who is faithful to His promises and delights to use unworthy people for His glory!

So, what do you think? When you think of the story of Abraham, what are some of the first thoughts that come to your mind? In other words, what lessons (if any) do you walk away with studying the life of Abraham (Gen. 11:27-25:8)?

If you haven’t considered this before with the Abrahamic narrative, you may be surprised how much you can identify with this man from the land of Ur.



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