Hope for Roseburg, Oregon

UCCThe collateral damage of Darwinism and the effects of sin on fallen humanity continue to rear their ugly head. But thankfully our Creator has crushed the head of His great adversary through His power displayed on a Cross and in an empty tomb. This is why God’s grace and hope is available for a community of fellow Americans who are not only grieving in Roseburg, Oregon and on the campus of Umpqua Community College but also are mourning throughout the entire country as we face the reality of another mass murder.

While the “heathen rage” out of fear, hate, confusion, or political advantage and maneuvering, the Church is commissioned by her Savior to reach out to the angry, the confused, the hurting and the grieving with the truth, grace, comfort, and hope of His Gospel. Sure, there will definitely be a time and a place for discussions and debates over campus security, the philosophy behind “gun-free zones,” and other pertinent concerns. And those discussions must take place. But right now is time for the Gospel to be at the forefront of any concerns and discussions we may have about security. There is always hope in the middle of chaos when our Creator and His creative power is poured out through amazing grace. The good news of the Gospel is that ultimate security is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ–the Creator–Who holds every element of our chaotic reality together by the “word of His power.”

The disturbing details of the shooting yesterday on the campus of UCC are too raw, fresh and scattered to make many definitive statements. But one thing is sure: any Christians who died at the hands of a now deceased gunman are now rejoicing in the ultimate security and eternal embrace of their Creator, an eternal security that He delights to create in the hearts of all those that believe His message of truth and grace as found in His Gospel. In fact, those Christians were secure long before a gunman engaged them. They were eternally secure in Christ the moment His Spirit breathed eternal life into their souls through faith in the Gospel message.

This message of grace and comfort must be made available to the millions of souls around this globe who desperately need the true hope and change that only the Gospel of their Creator can provide. Our Creator still delights in making all things new, fresh and alive in the souls of men. This is why the Church is still here on earth. The time to share the Gospel is now because people cannot afford to live life any longer without true hope and change. 

Gospel Changes Everything

“For God so loved the world, that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)



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